Clients have these words to say…


“For the past 10 years, Jeff has worked with us as designer, builder, and fabricator. What started as a simple rectangular shell has grown and evolved into a unique handcrafted finished home that Jeff has also outfitted with exquisite custom furniture. Over the years the projects have included:

  • built-in maple dressers with hand forged hardware for the kids room;
  • a live-edge maple stairway with a handcrafted sapling handrail with birch balusters;
  • a kitchen island with granite counter top, drawers and folding built-in side table;
  • a hanging welded pot rack using found metal objects;
  • a kitchen backsplash of local stones and tiles;
  • a freestanding bathhouse incorporating our desire for an old-fashioned claw foot tub and composting toilet;
  • walls of corrugated sheet metal and solid wood, with weathered barnboard window trim;
  • tongue-and-groove pine ceilings scorched lightly to create texture, design and color;

“The list goes on and on.

“Some of these ideas were ours, and some were Jeff’s. But wherever the inspiration came from, Jeff worked with us to bring the vision to reality in a beautiful, well-crafted durable final product. As we finished the summerhouse, we were able to start work on gutting and renovating an adjacent year-round home for our eventual retirement. We look forward to crafting this home over the next few years with Jeff too!

“Jeff is that rare mix of artist, master craftsman and collaborator, who is able to work with many different materials without losing track of the practical, be it the day-to-day use of the items being built or the simple monetary considerations one has to constantly navigate and juggle. We have trusted Jeff 100% with the execution of our ideas, often communicating through emails, phone calls and photos when we couldn’t be hands-on.

“10 years and never once a regret!”

Mark and Kay, Gouldsboro, ME

“I can’t imagine anyone who would have done a better job working with us to create our off-grid home, built with locally-sourced materials and incorporating both standard and unique renewable energy elements into the design. Jeff was completely open to meeting our desires for our home, while also providing us with valuable guidance based on his skills and years of experience. He helped us find ways to keep costs as low as possible and always did top-quality work in an efficient manner, making his reasonable hourly rate a real bargain. Jeff was fun to work with, yet he always took the job very seriously and maintained the highest degree of professionalism and integrity throughout the project. His laid-back, thoughtful demeanor made him easy to work with every step of the way without a single conflict.

“When our town’s new community center needed a contractor to manage volunteers for a major renovation, Jeff’s was the name I put at the top of my list to recommend to the board. He again did an outstanding job all around. I don’t think Jeff would take a job that he couldn’t do really well, and anyone would be lucky to get him for their next carpentry project.”

Flo and Bruce, Surry, ME

“Jeff took our old, uninsulated backhouse ell and turned it into a spectacular office studio. He did everything from helping work with insulation subcontractors to get the tightest envelope we could to exquisite elm and soft maple stair treads (and everything in between). His problem-solving on a day to day basis and suggestions for alternative approaches to construction and design problems was a huge help. He has done everything on this house from reconstructing a wall riddled with powderpost beetle damage to installing amazing wide pine flooring. We could not have accomplished many of our projects without his expertise and experience.”

Todd, Ellsworth, ME